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OK, what's a Gloovie?
A Gloovie is customizable game or animation, in which some of the characters have faces taken from your digital photos. (Click on the screenshots below).

All you need to create your own Gloovie is a digital photo of a person's face. You don't have to take a special photo, you may already have photos that qualify, click here to see if your photos will work. We will cut out the face from the photo for you. You can start building one right away, without even having to register in advance. Gloovies start at $8.95 Summer sale: $5.95.

To begin, click on the "Make a Gloovie" tab at the top, or click here.



Golf Gloovie screenshot NEW! GloovieGolf: Comes in One Person or Two-Person Version


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