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Launched in July 2004, is a one-of-a-kind website at which people can make their own customized Macromedia Flash animations. The heads of characters in the animations are taken from digital photos the users upload. Users have the option of composing text in several of the animations (from dialogue to what is written on character's t-shirts). Some of the animations also interactive games viewers can play.

The site has several Gloovie animation templates (descriptions follow). The process of ordering a Gloovie takes only a few minutes and is simple. The form to build one prompts for character specs (male / female, etc.), text (dialogue, credits, etc.) and photo upload. In two days (or less) to one week (at most), emails the user a URL of his/her finished animation that only they (and anyone they send the URL to) can view. Tech requirements are a graphical web browser with Flash Player version 7.

Animation templates include: "Wedding Cake Dummies," a two-character Gloovie bride/groom spoof; "Spread the News" which shows the character getting a message out across the country; "Box-a-Buddy" which puts the character in a boxing ring for viewer to spar with; "Cubicle Wars" which shows the character in a paper fight with fellow workers, and "Dancin' Doll" which enables the viewer to dress the character in goofy outfits and see it boogie in offbeat locales.

The site also has seasonal Gloovies. In "Santa's Helper," the viewer can make the character (Santa's elf) throw presents into chimneys around the world. In "Virtual Halloween," the viewer can dress up the character in mix/match costumes, then make it dance in various places. "Spread the Love" is a Valentine version of "Spread the News."

Popular last summer (and still being ordered), "Wrong Party" is a presidential election campaign spoof. Available in Republican and Democratic versions, it enables the user to portray the character as an avid fan of the candidate at the convention. At the end, the viewer makes Bush or Kerry toss the character across a crowd of conventioneers.

Gloovies cost $8.95 to $16.95. The site also has a Free Sample Gloovie for users who want to see how the site works and what it can do. has been used by people across the U.S.A. and in over 20 countries including Canada, Russia, Spain, Brazil and New Zealand. Our customers have included employees of Fortune 500 companies and leading media companies, people at colleges and universities, and members of the military. People have made Gloovies primarily to poke fun at themselves or others, but some have built Gloovies in which the characters have: proposed marriage, announced engagements and births (not in the same Gloovie!), reported job promotions or searches, or promoted events, businesses or causes.

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Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel "Lets you make your own low-budget Jib-Jab-esque Web shows." (October 12, 2004)

Vedomosti (Moscow-based Wall Street Journal / Financial Times newspaper) "Site of the Day" (December 9, 2004)

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