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         What type of digital photo file do I need? Open a popup window
         How long does it take to make one? Open a popup window
         How long does it take to get my finished GloovieTM? Open a popup window
         Who will see my GloovieTM? Open a popup window
         How do I submit my GloovieTM to the Gloovie Gallery? Open a popup window
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What's a GloovieTM?

A GloovieTM is very customizable game or animation, in which some of the characters have faces taken from digital photographs. Gloovies are Macromedia Flash_ movies.

How does this work?

1. To make a GloovieTM, you simply fill out a web form and upload your digital photograph (the form has detailed help).
2. After you place your order, we will do the work of cutting out the face and combining it with the animation or game you selected.
3. When we've finished, we'll email a url which you can send to friends.

What type of digital photo file do I need?

Chances are, the photos that you download from your digital camera will work fine. They must be .jpg files, and the person's face must be unobstructed. You must own the photo, or have the rights to use it, or the photo must be public domain. Take a look at this page: Will my photos work? Open a popup window.

How long does it take to make one?

It takes less than five minutes to order a GloovieTM. For us to cut out the face and create the finished GloovieTMtakes longer (see next question.)

How long does it take to get my finished GloovieTM?

Officially, we process a GloovieTM in "from 2 to 7 days". Unofficially, it usually takes 1 to 2 days. Our Free Sample GloovieTM may take longer than 7 days because during busy times we give priority to the paid orders.

Who will see my GloovieTM?

Each GloovieTM has a unique URL that's practically impossible to guess. The only people who will see it are those you send the URL to (and us, obviously)*. If you want to, you can make your GloovieTM eligible for the Gloovie Gallery Open a popup window, but that's up to you. We never put anything into the gallery without permission.

*As always, there is the possiblity that a hacker could somehow figure out the URL, but that's true of everything on the internet!

How do I submit my GloovieTM to the gallery?

You can make your GloovieTM eligible for the gallery by logging in (via the login button on the top of any web page), and then clicking on "My Gloovies". From there, you can make each of your Gloovies individually eligible for the Gallery. They won't go into the gallery right away- and may not ever make it (the gallery only has so much space!) Before you submit your Gloovie to the Gallery, you should make sure you also have the permission of whoever's face is in the Gloovie, and you must own or have rights to use the photograph.

I have a question that's not on this list!

That's ok, you can email us Open a popup window!



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