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Children's Privacy Statement for has posted this Children's Privacy Policy to help both children and parents understand how a child's personal information will be treated as that child uses and enjoys the Web site. This policy may be modified from time to time to better address your concerns or to reflect new changes in online policy (including changes in the law), so please check back frequently.

Information is collected by One Hammer Productions, Inc. (owner of, located at:

One Hammer Productions, Inc.
111 Fourth Ave 12L
NY, NY 10003
Or contact us by email with this form Open a popup window.

The fundamental nature of the product is that it is intended to be shown to others. The customer is in control of who will see it, and therefore is also in control of who sees any private information contained in the product.

In some web forms, collects the name of you or your child. When the form asks for "Name as it will appear in the credits", filling this field is optional. In fact, this field does not even have to be filled in with a person's name. The site also asks for credit card data, however this must be the personal information of the parent or guardian, and not of the child.

The website:
1. Does not share children's information with third parties. Customers of the site may optionally decide to use the site to share their own private information with third parties.
2. Does not collect personal information "passively" (you must actively submit personal information).
3. Does not condition the participation of a child in an activity by requiring any personal information about the child to be disclosed.
4. Allows parents to review what personal information has been disclosed by viewing the finished product(s) itself.
5. Parents may delete personal information from the site by contacting the site with this form Open a popup window. Parents can stop the site from further collecting personal information by not permitting their child to submit personal information.



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This site is created, owned, and operated by One Hammer Productions, Inc. If you have questions, problems, or comments about this site, please visit our contact page.